I wasn’t always the adventurous eater I am today.  In fact, I was the pickiest eater imaginable. My menu consisted of chicken nuggets, french fries, arepas, empanadas, and chocolate milk. I was such a picky eater that the first time I tried mac and cheese, quesadillas, and hot dogs was when I went to summer camp after my Bat Mitzvah

But college? College was my culinary coming-of-age story. The constant struggle of navigating menus, requesting modifications, and settling for the same uninspiring cafeteria pizza became exhausting. I craved more. I embarked on a mission to expand my palate, trying to eat more vegetables and even giving sushi a third chance (as they say here in Israel “third time, ice cream!”). This newfound love for food and exploration transformed me from a picky eater to a foodie.

This newfound love for food led me to document my delicious adventures on Snapchat (2014, what a time). One day, a friend basically peer-pressured me into joining Instagram over brunch at Jack’s Wife Frida. And that’s how Jewtina Eats was born.

Jewtina Eats started as a way to share my passion for restaurants and food, and explore the yummy world of kosher cuisine. I started to write on my blog and document everything I was eating. And then, plot twist! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. 

Instead of letting this condition hold me back, I see it as a chance to get back to my beloved blog with a bit of a twist. 

My platform will now not only focus on restaurant reviews (gluten-free of course) but also become a resource for others living with celiac disease. I’ll share tips on finding safe dining options, mastering the art of gluten-free ordering, and creating delicious recipes that cater to both my dietary needs and my love for flavorful, exciting food. 

So welcome back to Jewitna Eats, this time gluten free!