Wheat a Minute, Is That A Celiac Symptom?

Ever walked out the door, only to be plagued by the nagging fear you forgot to lock it? Or left the house, then driven back just to check if you unplugged the iron? I wasn’t just forgetful, it was a daily struggle. My photo album is full of pictures of me locking my door so I can remember I did so!

But brain fog wasn’t the only non-digestive symptom I was experiencing. My hair started to mysteriously fall more than normal, eczema was flaring up like crazy, and a couple of years ago I had to get a gum graft done… I blamed stress, the weather, and anything else under the sun but the real culprit. 

The irony is, these sneaky symptoms only became clear after my diagnosis. It was only when I started to research more about celiac disease that I discovered the real reason behind all of these symptoms.

Thankfully, my doctor suspected gluten intolerance right from the first moment I walked into her office. She, unlike previous medical professionals, didn’t skim my chart and dismiss my concerns. She delved deeper, noticing subtle clues – low iron, my constant mental fog, even my gum graft. These seemingly disparate details painted a picture, prompting a simple blood test that revealed that I was indeed gluten intolerant.

I naively thought that the blood test was the end of me indulging in gluten. But with my brother’s recent colon cancer battle fresh in my mind, a gastroenterologist visit and colonoscopy were crucial. More than learning about the possibility of being gluten-free, I needed to check for other digestive issues.

Here’s where life threw another challenge my way! The ongoing war in Israel forced us to reschedule my colonoscopy, from October to mid-February. I had to wait four months to get my diagnosis. And That’s when the final verdict came in – not just an intolerance, but full-blown celiac disease.

So, where does this gluten-free adventure lead? It’s about much more than simply saying goodbye to bread (though, let’s be honest, there will be some epic bread cravings and a lot of tears). It’s about embracing a journey towards a clearer mind, calmer days, and hopefully, a mane worthy of Rapunzel herself. Sure, it won’t be an instant transformation, but the prospect of reclaiming my well-being? That’s a prize far sweeter than any gluten-filled treat.