Knead to Know? Jewtina Eats is now gluten-free

Woman eating a carbonara pasta in Italy
Twirling happiness on a fork! Creamy carbonara at BaGhetto in Rome!

For nearly 29 years, I lived blissfully unaware of a hidden condition – celiac disease. Unlike many with this autoimmune response, I never experienced gut-wrenching reactions after indulging in my favorite pizza (yes, an entire one!) or mac and cheese. This, in my carefree mind, meant gluten and I were besties. I never thought I had to go gluten-free.

When life took an unexpected turn at 27, I knew I had to do some tests. Losing my brother to colon cancer, something I’m sharing publicly for the first time, prompted a necessary health check due to family history. While initial tests suggested gluten intolerance, further investigation confirmed the truth: I was celiac. Turns out, gluten wasn’t my BFF after all. More like a frenemy I gotta ditch.

Tears welled up. Mac and cheese, pizza, burgers, ice cream – my comfort food companions – suddenly felt like adversaries. But more than the food, it was the looming lifestyle change that sent shivers down my spine. Saying goodbye to familiar flavors meant embracing a whole new way of living. Learning where and what to eat became too overwhelming.

It’s been 24 hours since the diagnosis, and I’m already diving headfirst into this new adventure. Facebook groups offer support, friends with similar experiences share wisdom, and I already spent hours shopping online to fill my pantry with gluten-free goodies. Sure, it’s not ideal, but I know I can adapt. It’ll take time, but I’m ready to learn and navigate this path.

And so, “Jewtina Eats” returns, with a delicious twist – it’s going 100% gluten-free! Join me as I document this journey, exploring hidden gems of the gluten-free world, experimenting with exciting recipes, sharing gluten-free foods I love, and sharing every tip and trick I discover along the way.

A special shoutout to Jazzie from The Israel Bites for her guidance, advice and for being there for me, even as virtual strangers!

Welcome to Jewtina Eats, now Gluten Free