Cereal Milk Ice Cream, Say What?

Milk Bar

74 Christopher Street New York, New York 10014
Rating: 3.5/5.
Ideal for: Quick snack.
Price: High-Price.

I have seen an insane amount of pictures from the Milk Bar, I have heard from hundreds of friends about the amazing soft-served ice cream, and I have read a couple of reviews about it. I knew I needed to try the famous cereal milk ice cream, so I headed over Milk Bar to try it for myself.

The store is extremely cute, decorated as if it was a party. The menu is displayed on a chalkboard which I adored, and the options are overwhelming. I stared at the endless possibilities of ice cream and dessert Milk Bar offers, even if I knew my goal was to try the soft-served cereal milk ice cream. I opted for sprinkles, even if the popular cereal crunch sounded better, because I thought the prices were ridiculous. The ice cream was good, but not worth $5.50 plus toppings. I personally felt that the sample they gave me was more than enough, but I still bought my regular size portion.

The moment I stepped out of the store my ice cream melted. I am surprised I had the time to even take a picture of my dessert without it dripping down my arm. I couldn’t walk more than a block before I had to trash the ice cream because half of it was already on the flood. I was sad, especially after what I paid for was not what I expected.

Although my experience with the ice cream was not the best, the experience at the store was. The ladies where extremely polite and nice, especially when it took forever for me to decide to eat the ice cream and not the cookies. The cookies were also delicious, but not worth the trip. I liked the chocolate chip ones, but didn’t love the cereal ones.

I would absolutely recommend going to this place and experience it for yourself. My experience was unique to me and my personal taste in cereals.

Jewtina Tips: Get the crunch. I regret not getting the crunch.