Dudley-Dee and Poached Eggs


85 Orchard Street, New York,New York, 10002
Rating: 4.5/5.
Ideal for: Outing with Friends.
Price: Mid-Price.

I spent less than 24 hours in New York, and I was not going to waste any time by not going to cool places to eat. My friends and I headed to Dudley’s after a fun night out, and we could’t wait for the coffee to arrive to our high-top table to catch up.

When you walk into Dudley’s, you can see that it is a very simple place with just a few tables. They are all grey, and the walls are decorated with some chalk art. We couldn’t find a table, so we sat by the window where they have a counter table. What I found most fascinating is that next to us there was a window that Dudley’s staff would open whenever someone shows up. Apparently people buy coffee to go through that window.

I ordered my iced coffee -I truly believe that the temperature outside shouldn’t affect my beverage intake- and studied the menu. Absolutely everything looked good. I mean it, I had the hardest time from its menu, even if it only had around 18 options. As I sipped my delicious, strong, creamy coffee, I decided to go for the Norwegian eggs, a dish that always makes me happy. I personally didn’t like the pesto sauce it came with, but nothing that a little scrapping won’t fix. I also decided to change the way I was eating the dish, and asked for a side of hash brown that served as my base for the dish. That is right, instead of  English Muffins I ate my smoked salmon and poached eggs with hash browns. I regret nothing.

I tried my friend’s shakshuka (dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes)  before she devoured her plate. We both have traveled to Israel many times -and actually met there- and know what a real shakshuka tastes like, so to say this one was good was real. The tomato sauce was very fresh, the eggs were cooked well and the arugula gave it a twist. Sadly, our third friend order avocado on a side for her Norwegian eggs, and it was mixed into the shakshuka. I mean, sad for her because avocado makes everything better!

Jewtina Tips: Order its coffee! People literally make lines to try it.

Teenu- Disfruta- Enjoy!