Fries heaven at Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites

128 Macdougal Street, New York, NY 10012
Rating: 5/5.
Ideal for: Quick Lunch
Price: Low-Price.

I believe that the best food spots are those so-called “holes in the wall”, and Pommes Frites is not the exception. After a day packed with meetings, coffee dates and blogging, I decided I needed a quick pick-me-up and headed to this small venue in Greenwich Village.

Pommes Frites is a spot that only offers Belgium fries. They are fried twice so they can fully cook and get those golden crips we love so much. I swear it is the perfect combination of crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside! The hot and crispy fries are filled to the top, making each penny count! Sadly, the ones at the bottom were a little soggy, but I still enjoyed every single one of them.

And the best part? The variety of over 30 sauces you can choose from to accompany your fries! Who would have thought that fries are eaten with anything other than ketchup (or in my case, ketchup and mayonnaise).The options vary from the typical mustard, mayo, ketchup (and about other four options that are free) to mango chutney, smoked eggplant, and my favorite roasted garlic aioli.  You can ask for the sauces to come on the side, or layered through the cone so each fried is soaked in flavor.

I actually tried several of them trying to find the perfect one for me. I decided to go for the roasted garlic aioli that was extremely creamy and not overly garlic-y. I felt the taste of the garlic without it being overwhelming, and it was spiced up too which made the experience even better. The mango chutney was sweet and smooth, exactly what one needs when eating salty fries. I am one of those who dips my fries on ice cream. The only reason why I didn’t go for the mango chutney sauce was because I asked for parmesan and herbs to be drizzled on my fries, and I didn’t love the combination of parmesan and mango.  I also tried the truffle mayonnaise, which creaminess sent me on a frenzy. Sadly, the truffle was not as evident on this sauce, so I skipped it.

Besides the food, my favorite part were  the tables. See, each table has built-in cone holders, so you can enjoy your meal without physically holding them with your hands. This is specially good after a night out- or a day full of errands in my case!

Look mom, no hands!

Jewtina Tips: Ask for three sauces, you save money and you get to enjoy different ones.

teen- disfruta- enjoy!