Hokka Hokka is a sushi heaven

Hokka Hokka

7830 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Rating: 5/5.
Ideal for: Family Gathering, Outing with Friends, Celebration.
Price: Mid-Price.

Once upon a time, my family wandered around the Philadelphian’s surroundings while I was learning about the importance of the AP Style.  When we met at night, my brother mentioned how he just ate the best sushi of his life that day. We are talking about a man who eats sushi weekly! Of course, I was jealous that they went without me, but I knew I was soon going to go to this marvellous place. Years and years went by, and I kept hearing my brother gush about Hokka Hokka. Finally, on my senior year of college I went  there.

As any other sushi place in America, Hokka Hokka is decorated with bamboo, screen walls and water fountains. We sat by the window so I can take better  pictures, but unlike other sushi places I’ve been to, the restaurant was well lit. We ordered the main item we came from: fried avocado. Just like in Asuka, the avocado was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. It was every millennial’s dream. I am telling you, I would eat fried avocado every day if I had the option.

We also ordered our usual vegetables tempura, and I devoured the sweet potato and the eggplant. The tempura at Hokka Hokka is extremely crispy but light at the same time. It doesn’t feel oily or heavy like at other places I’ve been to before.

Naturally, I ordered a deep fried roll to keep enjoying this batter. As you may know from previous posts, I would always choose a salmon avocado roll over any other one. But in this restaurant, they add cream cheese, scallions and tobiko to the mix. Notice the color of the salmon and the tobiko, they were bright red.

The “Chestnut Hill” special had spicy tuna, avocado and topped with crunchy tempura. The crunch on this one was a little bit different than the rest, actually feeling way crunchier than the rest. Highly recommend adding a lot of eel sauce to this one to balance the spicy sauce and spicy tuna. Unless you are into spicy food, then eat it as normal. And if that is the case, order the “Farmers” roll that has spicy tuna, avocado and it is topped with seared salmon.


As for the salmon, just look at it. It comes in a bed of steamed vegetables like spinach, zucchini, broccoli and more. The skin of the salmon is extremely crispy and filled with flavour – although I skipped it and focused on the juicy salmon instead.

Jewtina tips: Get. The. Fried. Avocado

Teenu- Enjoy- Disfruta!