Jewtina Takes on Restaurant Week

Today is the last day of Center City District Restaurant Week, and I am not happy about it. I loved sampling from different menus and trying new restaurants, but I was also very disappointed at some things that happened when dining out.

It is not indicative of how the food actually is:

The sampling menu is very limited and often doesn’t include items on the restaurant’s regular menu. The food also comes in smaller portions, and — depending on the place- lesser quality of ingredients. The quality of the food changes to accommodate the quantity of people that visit the restaurant, and the fact that it is a three-course sampling menu makes the small portions not worth the $35 they cost.


It Is more affordable prices than on regular days:

Although the small portions and the –sometimes- lesser quality of the food, the price point makes this week worth it. Many people want to try new restaurants and the relatively cheap price allows newbies to try places they wouldn’t go otherwise. The fact that you can try from different plates and options makes this week worth it for many.


It is not the best If you REALLY want to try a restaurant:

I learned it the hard way, but if you really, really want to try a new restaurant don’t go during CDC Restaurant Week. The restaurant is very hectic, the noise is too much and the wait staff seems to be rushing you out so another party can sit.  I know, this week’s whole purpose is to sample the menu of the restaurants you haven’t had the chance to go to yet, but as I said on previous points, the food is not indicative as it always is and it is only sampling size. I tried two restaurants I normally go to during this week and was disappointed.


It is a reason why city comes together around food:

Although I am one of the few people who have strong opinions on CDC Restaurant Week, I am aware that it is one of the main reasons the city comes together during this time- well that and the fact that the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! It helps people try new restaurants, visit local businesses and talk about their experiences.


It is not a relaxing:

Very personal opinion here, but I have never had a truly relaxing experience during restaurant week. The kitchen is more hectic than it normally is, the wait staff is running around serving people and grabbing plates, and the noise is too much for me. This highly depends on the place and time of the day – lunch being less hectic and more tranquil.


It motivates people to get out of their comfort zone and try new places:

I absolutely love the fact that people are willing to try new places, even if they are not big fans of the restaurant’s cuisine. It is fascinating to see people try different flavor combinations, textures and plates for a –relatively- cheap price.

Center City District is an interesting week that more people should be aware of and take advantage of. It is great to introduce newbies to restaurants and Philly’s food scene and show them why our city was named one of the top Foodie Cities in the United States.