Jewtina Tips on Restaurant Week

Center City District’s Restaurant Week is one of my favorite times of the year. Who doesn’t love sampling menus from Philadelphia’s favorite restaurants at a more affordable price? That’s right, during this week, 150 restaurants offer a three-course dinner menu for only $35, and some of them even offer a three-course lunch for $20.  From choosing a restaurant to reservation tips, I created a guide for you to make the most out of this fabulous week.

Pick Expensive Restaurants and Sample Their Menu for Less:

We all know those restaurants that are just too expensive and out of our budget. The good news is that you will be able to afford eating at these places during Center City District’s Restaurant Week! You will be able to try three different plates and pay about $42 including tip. Now that’s a deal!

Skip the Places You Normally Go To:

 I am a huge fan of places like Aki Sushi or Bud and Marylin’s, but I go there very often. Instead of eating at my go-to places, I make reservations for those restaurants that I normally don’t go to. This way, I can try a complete new menu at an affordable price!

Go During Lunch:

If you can take a lunch break from your day, go to one of the Center City District’s Restaurant Week places. It will be less crowded than at night, so you will get a better service from the wait staff, and it will be $20 instead of $35.

Compare Menus:

All the menus for Center City District’s Restaurant Week are already up on its site. The best thing you can do before even making your reservation is comparing the menus from your favorite places and seeing what they have to offer. Some of these restaurants offer five courses instead of only three- now that is a deal I wouldn’t want to miss.

Make Reservations:

The days of just showing up to restaurants and waiting by the door are long over, especially during Center City District’s Restaurant Week. Call the restaurants directly instead of relying on phone apps to assure you’ll eat there. Also don’t make reservations at different places for the same day and time and then you will make up your mind where to go.

Be Flexible:

Understand that this week is one of the most hectic ones these restaurants have to face, so things might not run as smoothly as one wishes. Most of these restaurants also prepare the kitchen to serve only items from the Restaurant Week sampling menu, so don’t expect to eat your regular plate when visiting during this week.

And lastly, remember to enjoy and take advantage of Center City District’s Restaurant Week! It happens twice a year, and it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best restaurants Philadelphia has to offer for a lower price.

Teenu- Disfruta- Enjoy!