Mac Mart macs me happy

Mac Mart

1 04 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Rating: 5/5.

Ideal for: Quick Lunch.

Price: High-Price.

I remember the first time I saw The Mac Mart Truck. I was walking back from class when I saw the bright, pink truck parked across from my dorm. Now, I am not a big fan of the pink color, but that truck caught my eye.  Since then, Mac Mart has become a food group of mine, and I can shamelessly say that not only they know what I normally order, but my typical bowl is referred as “Orly’s Usual” by those who know me.

For about a year Marti, the owner, teased us with the idea of a front store opening. For months, I stalked their social media accounts trying to figure out where my beloved cheese-y dish would be. A month or so before the opening, I learned that the store was a short 10-minute walk from my apartment, and the day before the opening I got a text from my friend stating that we were going. How could I say no?

Since then, I frequent this location at least twice a month (sometimes twice a week). The whole experience is worth every cent. Many people complain about the price of the bowls, but once you get to experience the high quality of the products you realize that you are paying for what you are getting. Each bowl has a pound of pasta, plus the toppings you decide on adding. The options for them are endless, and you can always make your own bowl or choose from its menu.

More than the food, the experience is what makes go back every time. From how Marti and her sister welcome me and take my order, to the good music selection, and the even better mac and cheese choices, going to Mac Mart is never a bad idea. You can choose to sit inside on their bar style seats by the windows, or outside and enjoy the weather. Well, enjoy the weather when it is actually nice out! And if sitting down at the bright yellow table is not your ideal lunch break, you can always take your bowl of mac and cheese to Rittenhouse Square which is only a few blocks away from Mac Mart.

If you wonder what my usual is, it is their build your own bowl with tater-tots, fresh mozzarella, some truffle oil and their potato panic. I’ve been adding crunchy onions lately for an extra kick of flavor. I sometime add caramelized onions, and if I ever feel really rebellious, I’d add some jalapeño popper, which is one of my brother’s favorite add-ons! 

You can make your own bowl like I normally do, or go for their classic creations. I highly recommend their Rittenhouse Bowl and their Margherita Bowl for those that are both vegetarian.  For those meat lovers, try their Not So Basic Mac, Corndog Bowl or their family recipe: the Crabby Mac.

If eating a pound of mac and cheese seems like too much, don’t worry. The tupperware are microwave and dishwasher safe, and you can take your leftovers home to eat while you watch your favorite show. And if this is not enough to convince you, you can always order special plates like the mac and cheese grilled cheese, mac’n’hash, or its nacho cheese stuffed tacos!

Jewtina Tips: Take a punch card with you every time you purchase your mac. Your 10th purchase is free!