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The-not-so-public Public Kitchen

Public Kitchen 215 Crysie Street, NY NY 10002 Rating: 4.5/5. Ideal for: Family Gathering, Celebration. Price: High-Price. See, the restaurant is just like the hotel. Extremely hip – do people still use this word? Anyhow, the restaurant has all dimmed lights, small tables and cool white chairs. The ones that you only see at these fancy…

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Carb Loading at The Smith

The Smith 901 F Street, NW. Washington D.C, 20004 Rating: 4/5. Ideal for: Family Gathering, Date Nigh, Outing with Friends. Price: High-Price. I love mac and cheese. I love mac and cheese so much that I get tagged on pictures featuring this dish at least four times a week. The most common picture I get tagged…

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