The-not-so-public Public Kitchen

Public Kitchen

215 Crysie Street, NY NY 10002
Rating: 4.5/5.
Ideal for: Family Gathering, Celebration.
Price: High-Price.

See, the restaurant is just like the hotel. Extremely hip – do people still use this word? Anyhow, the restaurant has all dimmed lights, small tables and cool white chairs. The ones that you only see at these fancy and expensive places and that you are too afraid to even touch.

The food options are a little limited, yet I believe there  is something for everyone here. I personally ate the smoked salmon on potato latkes with sour cream, and it was quite delicious. I liked that the latkes were extremely thin and crispy, holding the salmon and the little bit of sour cream together. I was a little disappointed when I first saw this plate approaching my table, I thought it was going to be bigger and fuller, yet I enjoyed every single bit of it.

My friend and I shared the mashed potatoes on a side, as if I didn’t have enough with the latkes I had. This was extremely good, it was creamy and garlic-y and full of butter without having too fat or grease in it. It was the perfect companion to my food. One bowl, though, is extremely big and perfect for sharing. Especially if you, like us, ordered other two plates!

The spicy tuna tartare was, well, spicy. This is something I am not a big fan of, but I blame that on the lack of spicy food in Venezuelan cuisine. Yet, the ponzu sauce and the rice crackers balanced it out and let me enjoy at least one bite of the tuna tartare that my friend devoured. The portion is really small, so make sure to get another item when ordering this!

As for the burrata that we shared as well, I have to say I am disappointed in it. It was nothing special, and I have tried better for much cheaper. It came in a tomato sauce that helped with the flavor, but I was not happy with it either way.  I ate my half because I never say no to cheese, but this is a plate I would not order again here.

Jewtina Tips: Skip the drinks at the restaurant and head over Public Hotel Rooftop for an excellent view, great drinks and overall good atmosphere.

Teenu- Enjoy- Disfruta!