The Coolest Museum

Museum of Ice Cream

3400 Collins Ave, Faena District Miami Beach, FL 33140
Rating: 4/5.
Ideal for: Instagram Pictures.
Price: High-Price.

Three things I like to do: eating food, posing for Instagram pictures, and posing for Instagram food while eating food. Thankfully, there’s a place that allows me to do so without any shame: The Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream is the wonderland we all dreamed off when we were kids. It is filled with toppings, ice cream flavors, and colors. Especially pink. I swear I have never seen so much pink in my life. It was like entering the witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel. Each room had a theme, and an interactive portion to it. Some of the rooms were meant to eat ice cream in, and the others were mainly for pictures and to play around. The entrance of the museum looked like you were entering a freezer!

The Milkshake Room:

The museum starts with a room with pink walls and a golden sparkling floor. One of the walls says “Shake your Buns”, and another one looked like it was a dinner with a table top and lights and a small jukebox. After five minutes in that room, I realized that this was going to be a take-pictures-museum instead of a learning museum.  Chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream and a cherry were served at a counter .It was the perfect way of starting the museum. The milkshake tasted like Wendy’s frosty, and the cherry was both sweet and sour. It was a little bit overwhelming for me, maybe because I ran to the museum after I hopped off a plane.


Outdoor Patio:

The patio had a round base and some balloons to take pictures. It was great to pose against the colorful wall or trying to grab the balloons.














Giant Ice Cream Cones:

This one had pink, blue and green walls and giant strawberry ice cream cones that looked like windmill.  A staff member taught us a dance for the interactive portion of the room. I was extremely happy that the music blasting was in Spanish, although I was disappointed when it played Despacito.


Pink Jungle:

The next room was one of the most Instagramable ones ever. It was all pink: pink trees, pink floors, pink walls and pink ceiling. It was like a pink jungle! There were two swings in that room, one in the shape of a banana and one in the shape of a cherry. It was fun to hop into one of them and just swing. The pictures were not too shabby either.  We also tried the second treat of the day, a chocolate covered banana with crispy rice and crackers. I was overwhelmed with the flavors again, only being able to eat half of it.  But while I was trying to finish my banana, I found a small room with pink walls that had tons of lights. It was so small, that you could only crawl to move around. We excited the jungle-themed room and headed to a play ground.




Giant Play Ground:

We entered yet another pink room. The walls were light pink except from one that was a shade of fuchsia with white drawings of milk quarts. In this room, you will enjoy a melted vanilla ice cream. This was the best ice cream I tried that day. The room was connected to an inside playground filled with pink sandboxes. One of them had a giant pink ice cream truck made out of sand, and the other one had  a pink sand castle. Next to the sand, were giant metal poles where you could pile up fake marshmallow and gummy bears. This room offered a sample of different gummy bears, and I personally loved the sour ones. I was feeling the sugar rush by then.


Lemon Terrance:

We walked up to the terrace of the museum to enjoy a key lime pie ice cream with graham crackers. Apparently, this is the only place in the entire world where you can enjoy this dairy treat. After two bites I had to throw it out because I couldn’t deal with how sweet it was. The walls in this room were not pink, but had a lemon and lime pattern that I loved! The terrace was blue, yellow and pink, and it overlooked Miami Beach. I absolutely loved this room and had a lot of fun playing with the hula hoops lying around. The last thing we saw was a wall with popsicles that were hanging from the ceiling. Surprisingly, none of them were pink.

Sprinkle Pool:

This one was the most anticipated room of them all: the one with the sprinkle pool. The line to get there was enormous, and we waiting at least 20 minutes for the elevator. It was very disappointing that we only had three minutes to get into the pool  full of  plastic beads that resemble sprinkles and take pictures. You could feel the stress people had, and how they were rushing to take the perfect picture there. I really wanted a cute picture, but I wanted to play with the sprinkles more. My inner child was screaming in happiness as I was fulfilling my dream of swimming in candy.

Overall this museum was fun and filled with surprises and sweet treats, but the hype was too much for what it was. It was a museum to take pictures (we took over 2000 pictures in three hours), and only if you let yourself have fun and be silly will you truly enjoy it.


Jewtina Tips: If this pop-up museum goes to a city near you, make sure to buy tickets ahead of time. And bring your camera, you will be taking A LOT of pictures!

Teenu- Disfruta- Enjoy!