Vegan heaven at PS & Co

PS & Co

706 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19103,
Rating: 4/5.
Ideal for: Family Gathering, Outing with Friends.
Price: Mid-Price.

One of the many things  I love about Philadelphia is its vegan scene, even if I am no vegan myself. I love that Philly has so many vegan restaurants because as a kosher gal, my options are tight. I eat kosher style when dinning out, always sticking to vegetarian and dairy plates but now and then I crave a hamburger or a good schnitzel. When I am too lazy to cook myself, I go to one of Philly’s vegan restaurants like PS & Co.

PS & Co is a rustic café that doesn’t hide the fact that they are vegan. Many places try to imitate the flavor of the original dish -pizza, bao buns, Philly cheesesteak to name a few- but  PS & Co doesn’t do that. Every dish I tried here tasted like its ingredients, which was very special in my opinion. We ordered the imperial egg rolls filled with ramen, tofu cashew cheese and mushrooms. To be honest, these eggrolls did taste similar to those in Chinese restaurants, expect these had caramelized tofu which made them extra special!

I personally ordered the Beet Guac Burger with guacamole. I have tried this plate once before, when my attempt on making quinoa resulted in a mush-mess.  PS & Co’s burger tasted exactly like a quinoa and beet salad, only in a bun with guacamole on top. It was hard to eat without it crumbling in my hands. I gave up after two bites and ate the rest of the dish a fork and a knife instead. I have to say that this was the item in the menu that I love the most, but sadly is seasonal and not always displayed in its menu.



The Tempeh “bacon” Burger was good as well, although not something I would order again. I have never tried bacon in my life mainly  because of kashrut  (Jewish diatery restrictions) but also because I do not find it appealing. The lightly spicy sauce did give it a kick of flavor, thought. Maybe next time I will order this dish without the vegan bacon.

Ps & Co also has pizzas, and we ordered them. For me, thought, they were more of a flatbread than my favorite meal. The Kale pesto pizza had miso cheese, pesto and delicious kale chips -which by the way, you can order as a side dish- and the mushroom meatballs pizza also had roasted cauliflower and caramelized onions. I suggest the Kale pesto Pizza if you are looking for a lighter dish.

Jewtina Tips: Order the kale chips to start your meal!

Teenu –  Disfruta- Enjoy!