Bubble Fish, Bubble Tea and Sushi

Bubble Fish

909 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Rating: 5/5.
Ideal for: Family Gathering, Outing with Friends.
Price: Mid-Price.

It is so hard to choose from all the restaurants in China Town. No matter which corner you turn to, you’ll find at least seven rolled ice-cream parlor, four sushi places, and two Banh mì restaurants.  Yet, Bubble Fish caught our eye. The cute little fish on the logo, and the look of the restaurant from the outside- yes, we peaked inside.

What drove us into the restaurant was actually one of its famous plates: the sushi burger. If there is one thing I enjoy is variations of sushi, so I couldn’t pass on trying this one. See, it sounds weird, but a sushi burger is just as good as eating your favorite roll. Instead of bread, the buns of the hamburger are made with rice, sesame seeds, and nori to hold the “bun” together. The patty is actually spicy tuna, and it comes topped with lettuce, crunch, avocado, fried onions and crab that we opted out of. This burger is big, so make sure to cut it in half before digging in.

Before the burger, though, we ordered some appetizers. My family and I always enjoy vegetables tempura, so we ordered two portions of it. I can’t help but compare them to other vegetable tempura I’ve had in the past. These ones were crunchy but a little chewy, the vegetables were extremely fresh and the batter was just delicious.

The tuna tacos are also an amazing appetizer, but beware of how spicy they are. The shell of these tacos is made with fried wonton, and they are topped with lettuce and salmon or tuna -depending on your choice- with spicy sauce. I normally skip anything that is spicy, but I needed to try these tacos and I am happy that I did.  I had to sip some of my taro bubble tea to get rid of the heat, though.

I personally got a salmon avocado roll with a side of masago sashimi. I love when the roll is deep-fried, and they were kind enough to fry the salmon for me. I swear this one was one of the best sushi rolls I’ve ever had. The salmon was extremely fatty and fresh, the avocado was exactly to its point. I like adding masago to my roll to add a little bit of salty flavor and some texture to it as well.

Jewtina Tips: Bring a to-go menu to your table. It is easier to read than the one given by the host.