Tortellinis at Restivo


1806, 209 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Rating: 5/5.
Ideal for: Family Gathering, Celebration.
Price: High-Price.

Remember how I said I go to Doughnut Plant every time I go to New York? Well, I go to Restivo first. I stumbled upon this place by chance, while I was aimlessly walking around Chelsea. I spent three hours on a bus, and needed some me time to relax and recharge before heading over Port Authority and spend another hour on a bus.

Restivo seemed like the small restaurant no one knows about yet everyone loves. It is usually half-empty but the people that do go there are known and greeted by the staff. The decoration of the place is fancy but not overwhelming, with candles on each table, white tablecloths and white cloth napkins.

Although the whole experience is wonderful, I only go back for its Tortellini Quatro Formaggio. Again, the wait staff greets me with a smile as soon as I walk on the door, and the vibe of the place is so relaxing that I make it my priority to go back. But the real reason is that delicious, mouth-watering pasta.

See, the tortellini is filled with four kinds of cheese, that is four different types of cheese! The filling is both creamy and sturdy,  filled with cheesy flavors and a hint of garlic. The pasta is cooked all the way through, and it comes with a buttery cream sauce that has even more cheese. I know it sounds simple and like the typical plate you get at any Italian restaurant, but I swear it is not. For some reason, this one is special. I have eaten the entire plate of pasta, including Scarpetta (moping up one’s plate food with bread) within 10 minutes. That says how good it is!

Jewtina Tips: Dip the bread on the sauce. I swear you won’t want to waste any of it!