Mac and Cheese overload at Cafeteria


119 7th Ave, New York, NY 10010
Rating: 5/5.
Ideal for: Family Gathering, Celebration.
Price: Mid-Price.

Yes, I Googled “food around me” while wandering around New York City, and yes, I chose Cafeteria solely because of the mac and cheese section on its menu. My cousin once recommended the restaurant so it was always on the back of my mind, and when the name popped up on my maps I knew I needed to head over there. She also knows her food.

I normally would go to Restivo to indulge in some quarto formagio tortellini, but the “mac attack” from Cafeteria called my name. As you may recall from my multiple mac and cheese pictures on the Instagram, or reviews on the blog,  I absolutely love the cheese goodness that is mac and cheese. My love for the cheese pasta started summer of 2008, when I was in summer camp and I tried the American staple for the first time. Since then, it became one of my major food groups.

I knew I could try other items on the Cafeteria menu, everything looked beyond good. The creamy tomato soup with grilled cheese looked phenomenal, the salmon was described as a plate I would truly enjoy and the brunch my neighbor ate seemed to be good. I mean she finished the whole plate within 10 minutes! But I decided to go for the Mac Attack.

Let me tell you about this plate. Cafeteria offers three different types of mac and cheese: truffle oil mac and cheese, smoked gouda and bacon, and fontina and cheddar. I couldn’t decide for just one, and the Mac Attack was a sample of the three of them opting out of the bacon. I also decided to go for the mac and cheese spring rolls because why not.

The mac and cheese was literally the best one I have ever tried. Forget The Smith or Mac Mart -do not forget them actually, they are magnificent-, Cafeteria is where it is at. The first one I tried was the smoked gouda sans the bacon. It was to die for. The thin layer of broiled cheese on top made the whole experience 10 times better. The second one I went for was the fontina/cheddar one, and oh my, this one was even better than the bite I had from the gouda one. It was so cheesy and creamy that I couldn’t contain my face, even the waitress came to ask me if I was enjoying it. It was so creamy and rich, everything a mac and cheese should be.  Lastly, the truffle oil one. Let me tell you that I am a believer that everything is better with truffle oil. EVERYTHING. This mac and cheese was not the exception, the cheesy sauce was extremely creamy too, tasted very similar to the smoked gouda one.  If I am asked which one was better, I truly would’t be able to choose which one was the one I liked the most.

As I mentioned before, I also ate the mac and cheese spring rolls. Let me tell you, this is a most when visiting Cafeteria. The mac and cheese in the spring roll was lacking the creamy sauce, but the good news is that it comes with it on the side. The sauce is the fontina/cheddar one, and the crunch of the spring roll made the whole experience even better. I mean it, it was so good I ordered a second portion to take home with me.

Jewtina Tips: Go with friends, the more people that go with you, the more plates you can sample!

Teenu- Disfruta- Enjoy!